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Caring for our eyes

The eyes are a window to our soul.  They express what we feel; often contradict what we say. The ones closest to us are ‘the apple of our eye’. Poets have written verses around them and authors have taken inspiration from their shape and color-Mriganayani, Sonakshi etc. We judge a person as trustworthy if he can meet our eye.  Every person is said to have unique eyes so much so that covering the eyes of a person serves to obscure their identity in a picture or on screen. Strangely enough, inside the eyeball, most of the eyes look quite similar unless they are diseased and then they are unique merely by virtue of the ailment.
The most important part of the eye is the retina which perceives light and the cornea and lens which allow light to pass through. Any disease affecting the corneal / lenticular clarity and the macula- the part of the retina where the light coming straight through the cornea falls- will affect vision. It is simple physics. Most people are incredibly dependent on their vision for even routine tasks and almost no one can imagine life without adequate sight; adequate sight being that which allows us to function at work and in our routine competently. There are people who require more precise vision than others- diamond workers, snipers, surgeons. That said it is strange how few people take care of their eyes and have no compunction about straining them to the limits. How many of us avoid reading during travel in a bus/ car over not so smooth roads?!
In fact, very few of us are aware that our eyes, just like other parts of our body require a break now and then. I know what is going through your mind;’ Hey! Don’t we sleep for almost one third of the day-enough rest, surely?’ Not really. Do we walk for two-thirds of the day san any breaks since we are resting them later anyway? It is the same with your eyes.
It is a good practice to take a break every hour while focusing intensely on a task, i.e. reading/ typing, and focusing at a point far away for 10-20 secs or just shutting the eyes for some time.
Washing the eyes every day with clean water is also a good habit. Some people forget to blink while concentrating hard. Blinking removes the impurities which settle on the cornea/ conjunctiva and rehydrates the surface. The cornea doesn’t have a blood supply and gets most of its nutrition and oxygen from the tear film. So the longer it takes to blink, the longer is the interval between availability of adequate oxygen.  Frequent blinking especially when outdoors is a necessity.
All of us avoid staring at the sun directly as well as at bright lights but invariably increase the brightness of the screen while working at the computer. Also, many of us do this in the dark which disorients the eye and increases the strain.
We exercise different groups of muscles of the body to have a complete balanced routine. So too we must exercise the eyes for optimal functioning. The eyeball is suspended by six muscles which by contraction or relaxation help it move up/down/ side-by-side.
Finally, our eyes need adequate sleep, if not the prescribed eight hours, at least enough sleep to wake up feeling refreshed.


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